Parish Ministers Formation Program (PMFP)

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The Parish Ministers Formation Program (PMFP) was the initial program developed in the Ministry Formation Institute. The program began in December of 1998. PMFP consists of two parts: The PMFP courses and Specialized Training in a Ministry.

The Parish Ministers Formation Program (PMFP ) is a program designed for all parish ministers who serve in ecclesial ministries. PMFP assists the pastors and other pastoral leaders in providing formation for the laity at the basic level especially in the areas of common vision, discernment of gifts and vocation to ministers in our local Church.

PMFP is a basic level Theology program that focuses on the following areas:
-Theological Reflection and Discernment
-Christian Morality and Sacraments
-Christian Discipleship and Leadership

Courses offered.
1. Beginning the Journey (workshop)
2. Experience of God
3. Jesus of Nazareth
4. Church and its Mission
5. Disciples for the Kingdom
6. Called to Serve ( retreat)
Courses need to be taken in this same order

Participants must be a:
-Fully-initiated Catholic; have been baptized, confirmed and received First Eucharist.
-Catholic in good standing, regularly receiving the sacraments.
-Must also have: a completed registration signed by the Pastor,
Pastor Coordinator, Catholic School Principal or from the representative of the Catholic organization/movement to which they belong

Classes are offered in each of the six Vicariates twice a year

The cost of the program is $140, plus the cost of books.

Download and fill out the application before turning in the registration make sure that it has been signed by your Pastor, Pastoral Coordinator or Catholic School Principal. Once signed submit the registration to the MFI office or have your parish or school fax the registration.

For questions please contact one of our Regional Coordinators

Cristina Castillo
San Bernardino Regional Coordinator
San Bernardino • High Desert • West End Vicariates
(909) 475-5374

Elizabeth Cortez
Riverside Regional Coordinator
Riverside • Hemet • Low Desert Vicariates
(909) 475-5377