Continuing Ministries Formation Program (CMFP)

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The Continuing Ministries Formation Program (CMFP) is a 3-5 year adult enrichment program as well as a credential program for coordinators of ministries to prepare them to serve the Church as lay ecclesial ministers supporting the Pastor or Pastoral Coordinator in enacting the parish and diocesan vision.

Following guidelines developed by the USCCB and articulated in the document Coworkers in the Vineyard of the Lord, the CMFP provides formation which encompasses the human,  spiritual, intellectual and pastoral aspects of each person’s personal development.

The program offers two options of Formation:

Option 1: “Faith Enrichment” for adults who desire to grow in the knowledge of their faith.

Option 2: “Ministerial Leadership” (LEM) those who serve or desire to serve in a leadership position at the parish level. This option is also a requirement for those discerning for the diaconate.

Theological content:

  • Year 1.   God’s Revelation & Covenant: (Old Testament and New Testament)
  • Year 2.    Jesus & His Mission: (Christology)
  • Year 3.    The Church Continues the Mission of Jesus: (History, Ecclesiology, Sacramental and Moral theology)
  • Year 3-4.   Advanced specialization in one area of Ministry: (Catequesis, Liturgy, Charity and Justice, Adult Faith Formation and  Ministry with Young Catholics)

We integrate a holistic approach to formation incorporating all four competencies into our weekly classes and once a month formation Saturdays.

For the Program application process, please read below:

  1. Completion of the “Parish Minister’s Formation Program” (PMFP) and one  basic ministerial specialization
  2. Completion of the “Introduction to CMFP” intermediate course  (Applications every year are due by March)
  3. Completion and submission of the CMFP Application Form. For LEM, along with the application form, participants must provide:
    • a letter of recommendation from their Pastor, Pastoral Coordinator or representative of their approved Catholic Movement/Organization.
    •  a letter of financial support from their Pastor, Pastoral Coordinator or representative of their approved Catholic Movement/Organization.
  4. Attach a recent photo of yourself (2×2 size)

For Further information please contact:

Maria H. Sedano (Maruja)
Department Director
Phone: (909) 475-5387

Maria Antonia Amao, CMFP Program Director (Español)
(909) 475-5383

Steven M. Halligan, CMFP Program Director (English)
(909) 475-5382

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