The Ministry Formation Institute (MFI) was founded by the Most Reverend Bishop Barnes in 1997 to form and educate the laity.

The Ministry Formation Institute offers two formation programs:
Parish Ministry Formation Program (PMFP)
Coordinator of Ministries Formation Program (CMFP)

The first program developed was the Parish Ministers Formation Program (PMFP) which began in December 1998. The Coordinator of Ministries Formation Program (CMFP) began in 2001 using a long distance learning model utilizing microwave technology so that the opportunity for advanced formation and education was available to each of the six vicariates. In 2004, the technology was upgraded to a video conferencing system that facilitates a virtual classroom spanning 27, 360 square miles.

Our Bishop Gerald Barnes engaged all our ministers to get formation in their ministries, and at least to take the basic theological program Parish Ministry Formation Program (PMFP).